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First Mow

Usually, we are able the mow the lawn the first time for the normal price. However, if we show up for the very first lawn mowing and the lawn is too overgrown to mow in the normal amount of time, we will have to charge by the hour for the first lawn mowing. After that, each lawn mowing will be the normal price as long as you stay on our service.



Season Start and End

our service goes weekly from mid-March to mid-October. In mid-October, we automatically switch all of our clients to every-other-week. Our service ends in mid-Nobember.




Weekly service



What's Included?

Our lawn mowing service consists of mowing all lawn areas, edging all concrete edges, line trimming along all borders and dispersing all clippings with our blowers.



What's Not Included

We do not rake leaves for free. If you have large deciduous trees that produce a lot of leaf drop in the winter, and you don't cleaned up, we will not clean it up for free when we return in the spring for the first lawn mowing. We will simply run  our lawn mowers over the leaves and disperse them to the best we can with our blowers. Please don't expect our crews to do a leaf clean-up for free. If you would like to have us clean your leaves , we are available at our normal hourly rates.


Sprinkler Heads

In case that accidentally damage a sprinkler head, call us within a week and we will repair it.



Landscape Lights

If u have landscape lights installed in your beds, we shouldn't have any problems. However, if they are installed in the lawn, our line trimmers will likely damage them. We accept no responsibillity for damage to landscape lights if they are installed in the lawn.





Sometimes customers call us to skip mows so they can save money when the lawn isn't growing very fast.

If we spend too much time on the mow after a skip because the grass is too tall or thick, we will charge our hourly rates.


If you want to skip  a mow, we need to be notified 24 hour before.





If you want to keep your gate locked, and if the gate is locked when we arrive, we will not mow the back lawn. We do not discount our price if we are unable to mow the back lawn. If you call us, we will return as soon as we can.




Pools create extra work for our crews. Even though there is less grass to mow, pools take more time because there is more to edge and trim. We also have to be careful to avoid getting too many clippings in the pool. Its impossible to service a pool account and not get any clippings in the pool, but we do work to minimize the mess. If you install a pool, we won't  raise your mowing price, but we won't lower it either.




















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