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Tree Trimming, Tree removal, Stump Removal and Weekly Lawn Service

Tree Trimming

Trimming  is the cutting or removing of branches or parts of trees to improve the shape or growth pattern of the tree. This the most common tree maintenance procedure. Usually, trees are trimmed as corrective or preventive measure to remove dead branches, crowded or rubbing limbs, eliminate hazards and increase light and air penetration

Tree Removal

The removal should be done by trained,experienced professionals who are fully insured.

Common reasons for tree removal:

tree is growing too close to the home and could be causing foundation problems tree is blocking sunlight so that the other trees can not grow properly tree is dead, dying or diseased and a trheat to your home or property.


Shrub Trimming and Small Tree Pruning

Shrub trimming    and small tree pruning.    We use customized industry tools to ensure  appealing and professional resuts.  shrubs,leaves trimmings will be bagged and cut to size or chipped for compliance with city disposal standards and left by the curb pick-up location. this service is typically needed 4 times a year.  The first time involves the pruning of crepe myrtles and palm trees and bushes and includes bed foliage clean up.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding  is most effective way to get rid of unwanted stumps and roots. Why do stump grinding?

stump grinding remove the stump and the surrounding surface  runner-roots left after has been removed.

Stump should be removed to reduce insect activity, reduce new and unwanted growth, provide room for further landscaping.

Weekly Lawn Service

Lawn mowing is done on a regular basis on the same day of  each week. If schedules or weather does not permit, it is done either the day before or the day after of the same week. Grass is mowed to an stimated height of 2.5 to 4 inches depending on the time of the season and temperature. When  grass is cut on the high end of this range, it does not allow for as many weeds to penetrate, and it tends to withstand the heat or drought condition better, keeping it at its most resilient and healthiest.

Spring/General Cleanup​

Spring/general clean up. This service is used primarily after the winter season to prepare for the spring,summer and fall mainance. new customers with lawns not maintained usually require this service before the start of weekly service

spring/general cleanup can include mowing,edging,trimming and blower servicee, small tree pruning,small branches/limbs and leaves cleanup, bed weed and dead plant pull/removal

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